I’d like to introduce my self, my name is Arum Handayani, I life in Subang, I teach bahasa, I was teached in Junior high school 1 Cibogo fr 18 years, and than mutated to junior high school 3 Subang, now I’m a teacher in junior high school 3 in Subang. I teach here since 2006 until now. I’m very pround to be a teacher, because by teaching bahasa I can find out about a lot of science, my mission as a teacher is to contribute the scientific knowledge, through language that shape a good character for the student. How it work? By bahasa education, the student will have a good nation character appropriate with the expectation within the purpose of nation education. The weakness of our system is over stressing to the outcome, even the process it self is less atantion. I think its all. Thank you.


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